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Lazaro Consulting understands that the effectiveness of your technology is only as strong as the planning that starts the process. We work with you to analyze and design a system that meets today's requirements while incorporating the flexibility to respond to new and emerging technologies.

Our team is expert in the implementation of your technology plan - establishing a single office network...linking all computers in a building...or connecting all the buildings of your company, across town or around the world. We help you make the best use of technology for your company, proficiently and economically.

Lazaro Consulting provides both onsite and remote system support, maintenance and troubleshooting. Using a remote connection, we perform many critical tasks, including correcting software problems, providing upgrades, and even conducting certain hardware testing and repairs. The result is more efficient and productive operations.

The Networking and Systems Maintenance Services offered by Lazaro Consulting include:

  • Corporate technology strategy development
  • Support and maintenance of MacOS 7 through 9, MacOS X, DOS, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Operating Systems
  • Network analysis, design, implementation, and configuration of peer- to-peer and client-server networks
  • Implementation of cross platform, Secure Wireless Connectivity in your home, office, or on the road.
  • Implementation of Remote Connectivity including VPN and Terminal Services.
  • LAN and WAN integration
  • Internet integration and security
  • Automated backup strategies and implementation
  • Hardware and software upgrades and enhancements
  • High-level hardware testing
  • System performance optimization
  • Virus and Spyware/Adware/Malware scanning and eradication
  • General system maintenance and troubleshooting